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Attain  heart/brain coherence by clearing away the emotional baggage that is guarding your heart to allow for greater communication and therefore greater overall vitality.

Over the course of our lives and within our past lives, we have experienced many traumatic events. In order to protect itself, your heart used that energy to create a wall.  At one point in time, this wall was necessary to protect you physically and emotionally, but now that you are ready to move forward, it is preventing you from attaining full vitality! 

In this session, we will remove each heart wall emotion, like peeling off the layers of an onion. This process may require multiple session, depending on how much is there and what your body is able to process at once.  We will let the body be our guide.

Step into your life with an open heart to experience life and personal connections to the fullest!

No appointments needed! All work is done remotely.  Session details will sent by email. I will confirm your session payment has been received and answer any questions you have before I begin.  Any questions about the information found and release work done can be discussed after your session. 

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Heart Wall Session

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