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Are you struggling with a particular emotion right now and would like to be able to move forward? This is a great session to become aware of the underlying energetic issues that are contributing to your current emotional state. Throughout our lives, we experience many emotions that were not fully processed that subsequently become stuck in our bodies. This can cause all manner of issues, including mental health issues, mood disorders, physical/chronic discomfort, disease... the list goes on. By doing this release work, we are removing the low vibrational energy that is distorting your cells in order for your body to naturally heal. This session includes one query that we will explore and release all related emotions in specified period of time. We are limited to do only what your body is able to process at one time, so the amount of energy work we do will be based on what your body is able to process. Usually 1-4 days processing time is needed between sessions. All work is done remotely. Session details will sent by email. Enter code "Angelwings" to remove shipping cost at checkout 💕

40 Min Emotion Code Session

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